About EINA Committee

Preceding committee ("Cooperative Research Committee (CRC) of Asian Interlink on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation") worked from Jan. 1991 to Dec. 1992. The committee reviewed the present status of scientific and technical cooperation in the field of dielectrics and electrical insulation among Japan and Asian countries and sought the appropriate ways to promote it. As an important activity discussed in the committee, the "CRC of Electrical Insulation News in Asia" was established in Apr. 1994 and edited and published "Electrical Insulation News in Asia (EINA)" No. 1 - 5 (in every September from 1994 to 1998), and No. 6 - 28 (in every November or December, 1999 to 2021) and published the newest EINA No.29 in December, 2022. From EINA No.22 in 2015 its main publication style became an electronic one, namely PDF. The EINAs have gained favorable responses by questionnaires inserted in distributed EINAs.